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Yoga Pants in India: Top Trends & Untapped Opportunities

Yoga Pants India

The Athleisure and fitness apparel market in India is experiencing explosive growth, fueled by a growing population prioritizing health and wellness. 

One key driver within this category? Yoga pants!

This comfortable and versatile clothing option has become a staple in many wardrobes, and it presents a wealth of opportunities for apparel brands. 

Whether you're a seasoned business owner or just starting out, understanding the yoga pants market in India, a segment of the global yoga clothing market projected to reach over $55 Billion by 2032 (according to Fortune Business Insights), can be a valuable asset.

Yoga Pants India Research

This post will analyze search data from popular marketplaces to reveal key trends and untapped opportunities for your apparel business.

Yoga Pants in India: Top Trends (Our Data Reveals...)

  • Stretchy Reigns Supreme: Indian consumers prioritize comfort! A whopping 84.4% of searches for "yoga pants" include the term "stretchable."

  • Going Beyond Black: While black remains popular, searches for terms like "cotton yoga pants" and "loose-fit yoga pants" are surging, indicating a demand for more variety in styles (estimated at 25% of searches).

  • Brand Loyalty with a Twist: BLINKIN dominates searches for most yoga pants, but Jockey remains the go-to brand for cotton and slim-fit options (42% of searches with "cotton" and 68% of searches with "slim fit").

Yoga Pants India Trends

Untapped Opportunities in the Yoga Pants Market (What Does This Mean for Your Brand?)

  • Embrace Comfort & Variety: Offer a range of styles beyond just high-waisted leggings to cater to the growing demand for cotton and loose-fit options.

  • Material Matters: Don't underestimate the power of high-quality, breathable fabrics like cotton (42% of searches include "cotton").

  • Target Specific Niches: Cater to the growing popularity of features like mesh panels and side pockets.

Yoga Pants India Opportunity

Ready for more?

Understanding the yoga pants market in India is just one way to gain valuable insights for your apparel business.

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