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Sun Safety in the Spotlight: Unveiling Hottest Indian Sunscreen Market Trends in 2024

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

For years, sunscreen might have been an afterthought in Indian skincare routines. But with growing awareness of sun damage and a beauty-conscious population, sun protection is finally getting the attention it deserves as per our Indian Sunscreen Market Trends!

We've delved deep into the Indian sunscreen market to uncover the brands, features, and formulations that are capturing consumer hearts in 2024.

Brand Loyalty Reigns Supreme in Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

Consumers are flocking to established names like The Derma Co (35% market share) followed by Aqualogica and Neutrogena (20% each), indicating trust in these brands' sun protection prowess.

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

Broad Spectrum Sunscreens

Broad-spectrum protection is a priority! Nearly 70% of online searches seek SPF 50 with a PA++++ rating, highlighting a strong emphasis on shielding against both UVA and UVB rays.

Lightweight and Comfortable

Indian consumers crave lightweight, aqua gel sunscreens (45%) that offer weightless protection and leave no white cast. Think comfortable, invisible defense against the sun!

Hydration and Beyond

Hydration and brightening properties are becoming increasingly important. Hyaluronic Acid (20%) and Vitamin C (15%) are hot ingredients. Consumers are looking for sunscreens that not only protect but also hydrate and brighten their skin. With increased awareness of screen time and its impact, 10% of searches target sunscreens with blue light protection.

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

Sunscreen Solutions for Every Skin Type

  • Oily Skin (40%): The Derma Co, Dot & Key, and Minimalist are winning hearts with oil-free formulas that combat shine.

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

  • Dry Skin (25%): While options are limited, The Derma Co and Neutrogena offer some solutions for those with dry skin seeking sun protection.

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

  • Men Join the Game (35%): The Derma Co, Minimalist, and Beardo are catering to the growing demand for men-specific sunscreens, formulated for their unique needs.

Indian Sunscreen Market Trends

Beyond the Basics: Innovative Trends Emerge

  • Sunscreen Sticks on the Rise (20%): Easy to carry and apply, sunscreen sticks are becoming increasingly popular.

  • Niche Brands Make a Mark (Deconstruct): Their high-protection SPF 55+ sunscreen boasts a 12% click-through rate, indicating a demand for ultra-powerful sun defense.

  • Budget-Friendly Protection (WishCare): Offering large-quantity body lotion sunscreens at affordable prices, WishCare captures a 10% market share, making sun protection accessible to all.

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