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OMA Living

Conceptualized and launched the brand. Built the brand and retail strategy including merchandise mix and sourcing, store location finalization, team recruitment and training, and visual merchandising.


OMA Living is a luxury lifestyle brand offering a curated collection of décor, art and furniture that reflects the beauty and diversity of the universe. OMA aims to inspire its customers to design their personal spaces with elegance and joy.

What We Did

  • Brand Launch & Retail Strategy: WOC helped OMA Living ideate and define the brand identity, positioning, target market and competitive advantage. We helped them plan their retail objectives, pricing, and distribution strategies. We worked with the branding agency to develop and finalize the logo and other brand collaterals.

  • Merchandise Mix and Sourcing: We helped develop and launch a range of products never seen before in the Indian market. We helped source best quality products and helped setup a seamless supply chain both in India and abroad, ensuring that the products meet the standards and expectations of the luxury lifestyle market.

  • Store Location Finalization and setup: We helped identify and secure the best locations for the flagship store and two subsequent stores. The final choice was made taking into account the market potential, customer traffic, visibility, accessibility, and rent. We also worked with the interior design firm to finalize the store space layout and develop furniture and fixtures.

  • Team recruitment and training: We recruit and train the best talent for the business.

  • Visual Merchandising: We helped in space planning and display of products in the most appealing and effective way, using the best techniques and principles of visual merchandising.

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