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Setting up Supply Chain

World One focuses on the establishment and optimization of supply chain operations for brand partners, both online and offline, within Indian and global markets. Leveraging our extensive experience and strategic alliances, we assist partners in creating an efficient and responsive supply chain network, while also helping them craft the right vendor matrix to ensure optimal supplier relationships.

Supply Chain Assessment

We conduct a comprehensive assessment to understand brand's current supply chain capabilities, identifying strengths and areas for improvement.

Strategic Network Design

A tailored supply chain strategy that aligns with partners' goals, balancing cost-efficiency & responsiveness, and creating a customized vendor matrix for sourcing.

Engagement & Management

We help establish and manage supplier relationships, sourcing quality products, and negotiating favorable terms while optimizing the vendor matrix to ensure efficient procurement.

Integration & Optimization

We streamline supply chain processes through technology integration, implementing systems that enhance visibility, efficiency, and real-time decision-making.

WOC Advantage

World One Consulting brings to the table a wealth of experience in supply chain management and a network of valuable strategic alliances. With a proven track record of helping brands optimize their supply chains for both local and global markets, we provide a competitive advantage. Our industry expertise, combined with our network of trusted suppliers and technological solutions, ensures that our clients' supply chain operations are efficient, cost-effective, and adaptable to changing market demands, all while helping them construct the ideal vendor matrix for sustainable success.

Past Projects


Aliva by PepsiCo

We collaborated with the brand to assess their product offtakes in the FMCG sector by examining their supply chain. Additionally, we provided them with data on their competitive standing.

Paytm Logo


Facilitated a seamless cross-border ecommerce setup for Paytm, establishing their presence on major marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart, unlocking global sales opportunities.

Chirton brand logo


Created the India retail supply chain strategy for the brand to be distributed across Modern Retail and Distributor Network.

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